Caroline Numina Pananka

Tennant Creek/ Alice Springs


Caroline Numina Pananka was born on Stirling Station a cattle property near Tennant Creek and grew up in that area.

Caroline went to school on Stirling Station and worked as a community officer in Ti Tree before moving to Darwin where she is now based.

She is a member of a family of gifted artists, her great aunt is Emily Kngwarreye one of the most noted Utopia artists and her aunts Gloria and Kathleen Petyerre are also well known artists.

Caroline Numina Pananka was taught to paint by them.

Caroline now lives in Darwin she is married with 6 children and along with her sisters Cindy, Sharon, Lanita, Jacinta, and Louise who also paint and are becoming known for their bright and innovative works

Caroline continues to be mentored by her Aunts and visits them often to continue to improve and develop her artistic technique.

Caroline paints:

Bush Medicine Leaves: the leaves of certain plants are collected and used for medicinal purposes.

They can be placed over a fire and the smoke inhaled, infused in hot water and drank,or made into a paste with fruit pulp or animal fat and rubbed on the body.

Carolines' bright bush medicine leaf paintings depict the different combinations of leaves used.

Women’s Ceremony, Awelye, Body Art: womens' business and body painting shows respect for country.

It recalls ancestors and responsibility for well being of the community.

The ceremonies are not done in the presence of men.

The women paint their ceremony stories on their bodies using ochre, ash and charcoal.

Caroline uses traditional colors in her body painting series

Thorny Devil: is a small lizard that lives in the desert it is covered with spines to protect itself. It also changes color to pale brown and tan when warm and darker colors when cool.

Carolines' Thorny Devil paintings are done in a variety of tones and colors.

Caroline Numina Pananka also paints Snake and Goanna Dreaming.