Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was created to let you know what happens to information supplied to us directly or indirectly through our contacts.

Any personal information collected by us is not sold or transmitted or used in any way expect to continue to supply you with our information.

Personally identifiable information, including credit card information, address, date of birth etc which may be used with a credit authorization we do not want nor store this information which you may have supplied to the payment processor.

Some information that cannot identify any individual, including cookies and web beacon page-tracking data, which computer operating system is used, which browser and version is used to access the site, etc. may be collected to help us provide a better search environment for future viewing.

If you register to receive our ezine or other modules requiring an email be returned to you we will keep these files as secure as possible as they may contain your email address, first name, photographs or other such data supplied to us.