Water Dreaming

Water Dreaming one of the many Myths of the Dreamtime.

In modern Dot representation, the sacred aspect of the paintings is not always revealed, but the meaning remains, transmitted through symbols that are easily understood.

Each aboriginal person has a particular Dreaming to which they belong and are a part of, and they have special ceremonial dances and songs, that when combined together form a unique culture that makes up the cultural lives of the Aboriginal people.

All things are related to the land.

The Aboriginal Artist as connected to the land is the keeper of the Dreaming stories, which are told in the paintings and are therefore preserved for posterity.

In this painting titled “Water Dreaming” the artist shows us one very special ceremonial place within his groups area, that are in this case all natural springs.

Water of course has a very special importance for and to the people of a desert environment.

This Dreaming is a story about the constant struggle against the environment that some Aboriginal people have had to deal with during their existence in this harsh land.

While the circles in this painting indicate water holes, these are natural springs and may be in use all year round.

Sometimes the water would have to be dug for, depending on the season and these sites are where water would be found.

During the wet season the springs could turn into a number of tributary type creeks.

The four sinuous lines, a formation, which joins these sites, is an indicator of underground watercourses that are abundant underneath the harsh landscape of the Central Australian Desert.

Some animals are able to smell or hear the water underground and can be followed to find water along these underground pathways.

These ultimately come together at various points linking up together under the earth.

The background dotting shows us the country type.

In this case a sandy desert area, where waterholes protrude from the earth, and important ceremonies are performed.

Due to the secret nature of the ceremonies involved no further information can be attained.

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